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Face Value

The stated value of a common share/ unit used for accounting purposes only. The face value is no indication of the current market price of a security. Face value is also referred to as the par value, par, principal amount or denomination.

Family of Fund

A group of mutual funds managed by the same mutual fund management company.


An individual or organization placed in a position of trust, acting on behalf of another individual, responsible for holding and/or administrating the assets owned by another individual. Examples of a fiduciary include salespersons, trustees, administrators and guardians.

Financial advisor

A registered representative in a jurisdiction, who is licensed to provide investors advice on their choice of investments. See Salesperson.

Financial Planner

A professional advisor who assesses an individual's current financial situation, helps the individual identify short and long-term financial goals, and develops strategies to help the individual achieve his or her goals.

Fiscal Policy

The federal government's use of expenditures and taxes to influence the growth of the economy. Broadly determined by the size of the annual budgetary deficit or surplus.

Fixed Assets

Assets of a long term nature such as land or buildings.

Floating Rate

Securities (usually bonds or debentures or preferred shares) which have rates that change with changes in the interest rate. The floating rate is generally based on the prime lending rate or the average treasury bill yield over a specific period.

Foreign Investment Risk

See Risk.


An instrument, which allows the holder to make or take delivery of an asset or security at some future date and at an agreed-upon price. Also known as a forward contract. See Futures Contract.

Forward Pricing

The use of the next valuation date for purposes of pricing purchases and redemptions of a mutual fund.

Front-end Load or Free

See Sales Charge.

Fund of Funds

The fund invests primarily in other closed end funds with the objective of capitalizing on the discount that the stated closed end funds are traded at.

Futures Contract

Exchange-traded contracts that obligates the buyer to buy and receive, or obligates the seller to sell and deliver, a specified amount of a commodity or asset at an agreed-upon price at a future date. Profits and losses are settled daily (mark-to-market) between the two parties rather than being settled when the contract is exercised. Also known as a future.

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