Despite the fact that most of us don't get a chance to think about financial concepts very often, they are important in this complex world to make sound financial decisions. Better understanding of them via interactive tools provides better understanding. This page provides a list of tools and resources aiding in the learning process and solidifying the understanding of these challenging concepts. Make sense of your finances with our interactive quizzes, tools, calculators, demonstrators and other resources.

Take our financial literacy quizzes and sharpen your financial IQ.

Risk Profiler

Once you know your investment risk profile, you can make right investment choices.

Scam Meter

Find out if the investment you are going for doesn’t call for impending danger.


A suite of interactive tools to help investors visualize almost any financial analysis.

Stock Trading Simulator

Virtual stock market environment based on stock exchange data that simulates trading stocks.

Mobile Apps

Browse through our educational set of mobile applications.


Take part in interactive discussions and connect with designated officers of SECP.


Handy checklist to guard you on the dos and don’ts of insurance and investment.


Enjoy our popular games, test your knowledge and have fun playing online.

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