The awareness of the importance of financial education and investor protection is gaining momentum among policy makers all around the globe. Financial investments can be a challenge in today’s world and having sound financial literacy and awareness brings about a positive change in handling financial matters. To assist this financial education outreach program, we have compiled a knowledge repository to educate investors on financial market and basic financial instruments of saving and investment.
Money Laundering (“ML”) and Terrorist Financing (“TF”) are economic crimes that threaten a country’s overall financial sector reputation.
Investment Basics

Set your goals, plan your mix, start investing by learning the basics of investing.

Mutual Funds

Need help in learning the fundamentals of mutual funds? Here’s the place to start.

Pension Funds

Read on if you are new to pension funds or looking into saving for retirement.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

A complete resource that will explain what REITs are, & how they are operated in Pakistan.

Leasing Companies

Learn the basics of Leasing companies or you could end up paying more than you expected.

Investment Banks

Make intelligent use of your money and let go of any confusions regarding Investment Banks.

Capital Market

Give yourself a head start on all the financial advice you can get on Capital Market.


Understand the core phenomena behind investing in Bonds and make your investments secured.


Learn how you can diversify your investment portfolio by investing in shares.

Future Contracts

A general look at some of the things you should know before investing in Futures market.


While you think you're adequately protected, here’s what you should know about Insurance.

Islamic Financing & Products

Discover what Islamic financing products complying with Shariah have to offer.

Investor & Shareholders Rights

Whether building your nest egg or tapping it for income, always know your privileges!

Entrepreneur Corner
Got questions in the realm of groundwork finance? Learn here in the Entrepreneur's Corner.

This is JamaPunji’s financial guide to help you make sense of all the financial jargons.

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