Leasing Companies

Key Points for Leasing Company Clients

Clients interested in using the services of leasing company must assure:

  1. The company is registered with the SECP
  2. The company is licensed to perform leasing or investment finance or housing finance services
  3. The company has developed proper systems and controls with appropriate level of documentation for dealing with clients
  4. Proper documentary evidence in the form of invoice/certificate/receipt is issued for every transaction with clients
  5. All transactions valuing more than Rs. 50,000 are made through cheques
  6. The company has its official web site which is updated regularly
  7. The persons acting on behalf of the company are duly authorized representatives of the company
  8. The company is not performing any unlawful business
  9. All the product features, terms and conditions should be thoroughly examined before executing any transaction with the company

All claims made by the company regarding its profitability, performance, repayment/return history should be backed by relevant documentary evidence such as its financial statements, credit rating reports etc.

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